Jun. 19th, 2013

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I didn't do much today. Yesterday's intensive sorting and pricing spree was enough for me for a few days. I'm still dealing with the emotional impact of the whole thing. It's been easier than I had thought, but it's early days yet.

Today I went over to the AFK with a friend; when I talked to Travis about leaving for Italy he said he'd lived there before and thought Trieste was a really nice place and that he'd liked it a lot. He might also see if he can find a roommate and rent my place from me, as he's looking for a new apartment. Travis is one of the folks who helps manage the AFK, and I've known him casually for a while, so I figure he would probably be pretty reasonable to trust with my condo. I'll keep him posted about how the move goes and we'll see what happens.

I emailed Brian from the condo association to get written confirmation that it's okay to rent out the place. The VA got back to me about renting, and they say that disability payment is not restricted by financial means so renting the place out should not affect my VA disability. I still have to get some confirmation about SSDI, but what I've seen online suggests it should be okay.

I also filled out a form on a website asking for a rough moving quote, given that I don't know when I will be leaving or for exactly where in Italy - I gave a brief explanation of the situation and said I figured I would have about a studio apartment's worth of stuff. I have never actually moved anywhere before that didn't involve either the Navy paying to move my things, or me stuffing things into a truck and having it driven from one place to another, so I have no idea how much such things cost. At least a rough estimate will give me an idea of what I need to save up for this, and I will also ask for quotes from several other places, when I get my details a little more accurately formed.

Tomorrow I have shrinkage, then a couple of folks are coming over in the evening for an early look at the books, music, and stuff. Thursday is VA dental, then a visit with [livejournal.com profile] varina8 at Travelers.

I dropped by the sib's Facebook and saw that he went to a KISS concert in Udine last night, apparently had a really good time.


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