Jun. 1st, 2013

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Yesterday we did get to the Cloisters, and we also got to a couple of the galleries at the Met. We saw the Egyptian temple, and also the musical instruments and part of the arms and armor galleries. As it was, we didn't really have time for even all of that.

There was a walk through Central Park (I saw a small heron of a species I'm not familiar with on the lake), and lots of hopping onto the subway, and a trip on the Staten Island Ferry (D lives on Staten Island). I had a really fantastic time, though I spent most of the day on my feet. The dizziness was definitely getting to me but I had forgotten my cane at D's place. Today I do have it with me. I'm hanging out with Zoh in Brooklyn at an artist's studio where she's working on some of her clothing stuff and selling some of her clothing (very spiffy, steampunky prints on skits and some tops) and plan on taking things easy today.

The VA called yesterday to set up a neurology appointment for me. The earliest they can get me in is July 11th. Given that I figure I need to make a decision about my living situation in August, this doesn't bode well for doing anything that is going to resolve the dizziness before then. I imagine there will be an MRI involved at some point, though I have no idea, and no way to tell until I get in to see them. This is going to take months more to deal with.

Tomorrow, I'll be hanging out at least for a while with [livejournal.com profile] witchchild and doing the NYPL tour. There may be live music tonight, and there will be a birthday part among steampunks at The Way Station, which is a bar that has a TARDIS in it. Fun will be had, dammit. ;)

Still hot and humid (in the 90s) and very sunny.


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