May. 1st, 2013

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I got mail yesterday from the VA scheduling me for another audiology appointment, though I'm not entirely certain what this one is for. I'd thought the one on the 17th was my follow-up, but this is for the 6th. Unfortunate dizziness continues apace as I contemplate what to do should this condition be permanent.

I got an email inviting me to a friend's birthday party in Vancouver yesterday, but didn't have enough time to arrange a bus trip up there or someone to drive me, so I had to email and send my regrets. Apparently a previous email got eaten by the aether, which I really regret. I would have loved to be there.

Yesterday I posted a fic I'd been working on for a fandom exchange, and have got some lovely comments on it. I'm currently working on another, though that will take quite a while to write. I'm expecting it to be quite long, and have it pretty thoroughly plotted out. I had wanted to write yesterday and today but have only been able to get a little focus today, late in the evening. I've done about 1200 words so far and might do a little more, so as to feel like this scene is finished, before I give up for the night.

Thursday [ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to take me for a haircut and to get Garuda in for an emissions test. She can't really be in the salon, as the chemicals will make her pretty sick, but she can take Garuda off for the test and then wait for me down at the nearby Starbucks if she's done before I am.

Mom called to let me know she's back from Atlanta. Apparently the officer who was organizing the ship's reunion was a complete dick, so they didn't stay very long. Somehow this fails to surprise me. His answer to "why doesn't the hospitality suite have chairs or anything other than really inadequate nibbles" was "this is a meet and greet, not a stay and eat." Yeah, thanks. Lots of older folks, some of whom might actually be disabled? You get chairs so people can sit and talk, you stupid fucking wanker. Titanium sporks at dawn.

Still not thrilled with my situation, but surviving. As you do.


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