Apr. 25th, 2013

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I went down for my shrinkage today and talked with her about how the whole dizziness thing is getting to me. It was good to get some of that off my chest and to get a little feedback on it.

Tomorrow is a two to three hour test that is pretty much guaranteed to make me miserable, as it's designed to attempt to make you dizzy so they can figure out what might be causing the whole thing. I'm not really looking forward to this very much. I am not supposed to eat anything four hours before or to take any meds for dizziness (I don't have any at the moment) or anxiety for 48 hours prior to the test. Thankfully, I haven't needed to take any anxiety meds recently. They did say not to stop taking meds for any other conditions that I might require, so I'm not going to worry about the antidepressants and whatnot.

In the mail I got a note about the appointment with the otolaryngology clinic that I'd been called about earlier this week. The letter says it is apparently some kind of consult with a surgeon to "determine or confirm a problem that was initially diagnosed by another provider." They sent along a form for me to fill out where they pretty much want my entire medical history (and that of my family) in some blanks on two sides of a single sheet of paper. Optimists. So I don't know what went on with the audiology test but apparently something is happening. Maybe I will learn something tomorrow. It's possible that this is just a preemptive scheduling of the followup appointment for the test tomorrow. It's not until the 17th of next month.

As to the writey stuff, the animism anthology that [livejournal.com profile] lupagreenwolf has been putting together for several years, interrupted by her masters program, is finally together. I received the PDF galley proof today for final corrections, which I dutifully read and have sent to her. She said it will go to press as soon as all final corrections are received, which means in a couple of months I will have a shiny new book to add to my bibliography.


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