Apr. 8th, 2013


Apr. 8th, 2013 03:37 am
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I've not been keeping up with this as I usually do, mostly due to health issues and busy-ness. I feel like I've been running in circles with the health stuff, but I have felt slightly less dizzy most of the last two days. I was feeling cautiously confident enough today to drive over to Alderwood (entirely on surface streets) to get a new laptop, which I had been contemplating for several months. The iPad is useful for a lot of things, but not for actual serious writing when I am away from home. I love the desktop and it's big screen, but I obviously can't haul it around with me, so the answer was to get new laptop. I got a MacBook Air and have transferred a fair amount of the stuff from the desktop onto it, but am going to have to install Word the long way round by attaching the laptop to the desktop and using the desktop's cd/dvd drive. This can be done it just takes a little bit of workaround through a sharing utility. It's not something I've done before but the instructions are reasonably clear.

I did okay with the drive. I was also going to go into REI and get a liner for my sleeping bag, but they are currently having their 20% off sale and the place was packed to the gills. The line for checkout was at least 20 people long both times I poked my head in to look, on my way to the Apple store and after I'd had some sushi. I'll just order one online, as I don't have to have it until I'll be heading east. I figure that I am going to have to soak myself in bug repellent through the midwest if I'm camping and I'd rather not get it all over the inside of my sleeping bag if I don't have to. Liners can be taken out and washed very easily, where down sleeping bags are somewhat less amenable to this process.

I can't say as I quite want to brave I5 right now, as I am still experiencing dizziness, and I don't know if it will intensify unexpectedly. (This is why it is "unexpected.")

I've been having ear stuffiness and a low-grade ache in my left ear, along with some tinny qualities under speech or music that has happened a couple of times for a few minutes. It's been disconcerting.

Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] gra_is_stor and I went to see Benjamin Bagby perform Beowulf, and we had a lovely time. We saw [livejournal.com profile] mimerki and [livejournal.com profile] joyful_storm and their partners, and I think I recognized but didn't talk to one of the gals from the Sherlock Seattle group. I got a copy of the Beowulf dvd after the performance. I was really glad I went, even though I was feeling pretty crappy Saturday. I'd paid a lot for our tickets and had been wanting to see this for years, so it was worth the effort to get down there.

The venue for Irish class has flaked out on us and so the class this evening was held here at my place at the last minute. We may need to continue doing this for a while. Since both [livejournal.com profile] gra_is_stor and [livejournal.com profile] ingvisson either do or will have keys while I am back east, they can continue to use my place if need be when I'm gone.

Mom called and left a message this morning while I was still asleep, though we probably wouldn't have talked long if I had been up to answer. She's been dealing with bronchitis and laryngitis again, though she sounded better in the message than she did when I talked to her last week or so. She was just wondering if I was doing okay, which I mostly am.

Saturday I also got my reading glasses, which work just fine. I'm pleased with both pairs and am glad that I got them, even if vision wasn't necessarily part of what has been causing the dizziness. We'll see what happens when I get into the VA on the 15th for the hearing tests.

I'm still not feeling focused enough to do nonfiction writing, so I have been working a little more on the fic I was writing earlier this week. It's progressing nicely. I was just about on top of it enough to participate okay in Irish class, though not quite where I'd actually like to be in terms of brain-fog. At least I'm able to do something; it's been really frustrating to feel too out of it and too dizzy to focus on anything at all. I can't even tell you how much I hate feeling like I can't do anything.

Come what may, I will get out to the east coast. Even if I have to drive more slowly than I usually would, I am going to get there.


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