Apr. 5th, 2013

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I called yesterday to the VA and made an appointment with audiology. They say the testing will take about two hours because it is dealing with dizziness and not hearing loss, which is a different set of tests. I think my usual doc believes I may have symptoms of Menieres Disease which is a problem with the inner ear. I have some but not all of the symptoms of this, so I am hoping if this is what it happens to be, it won't be severe enough to cause hearing loss. This said, a guess without testing is certainly not a diagnosis. Mom suggests that all those years of awful ear infections as a child might be contributory and she may well be right. I remember it being pretty agonizing and that it happened frequently.

My appointment is for the 15th, so it's not horribly long to wait. They do understand that I'm hoping to do a cross-country road trip in May and June so, with any luck, they can get this together without too much delay.

The dizziness continues but has eased up somewhat. Today and yesterday I wasn't dizzy all day, though I have had episodes. It's still not predictable enough for me to say I can drive, sadly. I'm considering dealing with at least some of my grocery shopping this month online, as several places do deliver, and I won't have to worry about carrying bulky items when my balance is precarious.

While I haven't been able to focus well enough for nonfiction, I've been trying to keep myself occupied with some fic writing, which at least keeps me from fretting too much. I wish I was more together.


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