Mar. 22nd, 2013

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It snowed last night, at least a couple of inches. Pagan Past and Christian Present arrived in the post from the German bookseller, yay! It has a couple of corrections and snarky notes in pencil from the previous owner.

Several suggestions have been made in comments to my previous posts. A few answers here:

1. I don't have a Costco membership and it's $55 to get one. If I'm only doing this to get glasses, I'm not sure how much money that would actually save me.

2. Ordering glasses online would probably take a couple of weeks to arrive. I'm sort of SOL until I get new glasses as far as driving goes. I also can't try on frames online. It's like ordering shoes online - what if I have to send them back because they don't look/fit right?

3. LensCrafters might be able to get me new glasses today. They do advertise glasses in an hour. I recognize that not all prescriptions are covered by that, but at least I can inquire. If it's going to be today, it's worth paying extra so that I can drive again immediately. If not, then I'll look into an online purchase because it would likely be a couple of weeks anyway. If I have to wait, then cheaper is definitely better.

4. I have a call in to the Patient Advocate and am hoping they will return my call at some point this afternoon, but I suspect it won't be until next week.

5. If the new glasses fix the dizziness, then I officially don't have to worry about whether or not something else is horribly wrong with me. The sooner I can get that resolved, the better, and that would be a Very Good Thing. Then I can safely wait until April to get new bifocals or reading glasses from the VA without more than generalized annoyance. If they don't fix the dizziness, then I know I'm going to have to light a fire under the VA to find out what's really going on. Either way, result.
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The good news is that my eyes are perfectly healthy. The bad news is that the dizziness has nothing to do with my eyes. But at least now I know that, and I have the records to take to the VA with me. And the did the taking pictures of my eyes thing that the VA wanted me to wait until the end of May for.


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