Mar. 18th, 2013

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I'm more and more leaning toward "problems with glasses" as at least partial cause for the continuing dizziness, at least what happens when I'm actually up and doing things. I've always had the occasional bout of "oops the room is spinning" when I've been half-asleep, but I rather think that's a hypnagogic state thing, to be honest.

The tea & whisky sipping this afternoon went brilliantly. Half a dozen guests and [ profile] gra_is_stor came, though I was too tired afterwards to go to Irish class in the evening. We talked about B movies, Cthulhu, music geekery, Chaucer Hath a Blog, whisky, and a bunch of other lovely stuff. I did prepare rather more food than was needed, but that tends to be the way of things for me. Snacks for later.

[ profile] ingvisson was reminded about tomorrow's VA appointment and confirmed that we have to leave here by 9:30am. And so, at that, I should probably attempt to crawl off to sleep, as I will have to be up by 8am absolute latest, and probably 7:30 by preference (take that word advisedly). Thanks to everyone who has been supportive about all this over the past few days. I very much appreciate your thoughts.
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I just got back from the VA, having spent a fair amount of time talking to the doc and getting blood drawn for a bunch of tests. She agrees that it might be the glasses, and she put in a note to the optometry clinic telling them to call me to make an appointment. She said that it might also potentially be a low level of chronic dehydration (though doing a pinch test didn't reveal a problem) or that it might be anemia. She's also got them testing for diabetes but doesn't think it's that. My bp was high today, but I brought in the records I've been keeping at home, and it's consistently much lower when I take it here, so she doubts it's a bp problem unless it gets higher here at home as well.

At any rate, I have been paying attention over the past few days that I've had dizziness, and it seems to increase when I am wearing my usual glasses. So for the moment it looks like I have a choice between (a) eyestrain-induced migraines if I wear the bifocals too much and (b) traffic-hazard level dizziness if I wear my regular glasses. Yay. Even if I get into optometry this week (the doc put that it was an emergency due to issues of peripheral vision, in addition to the dizziness, so that they would call me back sooner), it's going to take weeks to actually get new glasses from the VA. Which means that, as far as I'm concerned, I'll be wearing the bifocals most of the time and risking migraines, but should be able to drive without too much trouble.

Go go gadget vision problems.


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