Feb. 28th, 2013

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Shrinkage today was good and useful. I spent a little time at Travelers then went over to the hill for the queer Pagan meetup, where I had a lovely time.

The irritation mentioned in the title of the post was due to a comment from one of the guys working at Travelers, talking to a couple of other people there in the shop. He said he didn't think that gluten intolerance actually existed before genetically modified food came around. I could not help thinking how idiotic such a thing was. Sure, maybe it has aggravated things somewhat but you know what? Before we had ways to identify and deal with allergies, people got sick and DIED. And nobody was quite sure why. We didn't start getting more infections once antibiotics were discovered, though we did make some of them worse because of the overuse of antibiotics. People got sick and died of infections, and they don't do it quite so often any more. Those young children who failed to thrive and eventually died? Maybe they had food allergies that were unidentified and were essentially untreatable a hundred years ago or a thousand years ago. Just because people didn't understand a thing doesn't mean it didn't exist. Germs existed before we figured out what they are and what they do. You wouldn't have seen a lot of adults with severe food allergies because they would have died in childhood. The way that people used to die of infections or acute appendicitis or kidney failure or aneurisms before we figured out ways to diagnose and prevent or mitigate or even heal some of these things.

This has been your rant for the day. We now return you to your regularly scheduled whatever, already in progress.


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