Feb. 16th, 2013

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Had a really good day today. I've sold all of the copies of my poetry book except one, and many copies of both of my other books. Talked to a lot of the folks I've been wanting to be in contact with, and have plans to get in touch with many others. There have been hallway conversations, a discussion of CR with a gal who lived in Ireland for a year and who was wondering how all the texts and folkloric material might be practically applied, attended a Manannán ritual with one of the Druidic groups in attendance (where I met the woman who lived in Ireland), hung out with the ADF folks, and participated as a ritualist in the Ekklesía Antínoou Lupercalia ritual. Much more was said and done than I can really quite describe, but I've been having a fantastic time.

I talked to Chris Penczak briefly in the Temple of Witchcraft hospitality suite. When I have more information about actual dates I'll be in New England, we might be able to arrange for me to do a workshop on ogam for his people, pending his talking to the board of directors. He's based in New Hampshire, and it would only be a couple of hours from Springfield while I was out there. That would give me an opportunity to get a little gas money for the rest of the trip, and maybe sell some books. No promises, but I suspect there's a good chance I can pull that together.

Tomorrow's a busy day. I have the Immanion authors panel at 1:30 in the Silicon Valley room, 5pm in the ADF suite I have the informal photo show & tell about the Ireland & Isle of Man pilgrimage, and at 11pm the spirit work and PTSD joint session with [livejournal.com profile] druid_medb will be happening in Carmel/Monterey. I suspect that one will be pretty well attended.

Sadly, my day starts rather earlier than I would like. There's a pre-ritual meeting in our room early in the day, so the alarm goes off at 9am. I don't see things I'm likely to be very conscious for at the 11am session, so I will probably be dealing with something vaguely resembling breakfast at that hour.

After the Lupercalia ritual, I got a chance to meet an African Raven, brought to the festival by Our Thracian Colleague. He is a beautiful bird and I got a chance to hold him and talk to him a bit and ruffle his feathers. He's got unusual coloring for a raven, in that he has some grey feathers and his eyes, rather than having gone to black, are a dark grey-amber color. He's really amazing and I'm going to see if I can take a few photos of him tomorrow if I run into Andrew during the day. That was really quite a treat!

And now, given that it is going on 2am, I'm goingt to check a couple of other websites and then head up to find myself a little snooze.


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